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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

May 27, 2020

Dear Valued Client,

As we inch towards reopening, I want to share some information in hopes of assuring all clients that we are working diligently to follow all Federal, State, and Medical Guidelines. Please know that your health and the health of our staff is our utmost priority. With that said, I’d like to share some of the specifics regarding the opening plan for Third Eye Wellness. Much of the following are regulations I learned and follow from The BARBICIDE®️ COVID-19 Certification Program, adapted for my particular type of Service Business.

As of right now, according to an article in New York Magazine, Professional Services Reopening is slated for Phase 2. We are following the updates continuously and will keep you updated as we receive information. We are so excited to see all of you and share our brand new, sparkling clean space!

Here’s what we have so far, according to Gov. Cuomo’s website it says businesses must have a plan covering the following criteria:

  • Strict cleaning and sanitation standards must be met.

  • Social-Distancing protocols must be in place and workplace hours and shifts must be designed so as to reduce the density of people working at the business.

  • Mandatory face masks for all employees and customers in situations where there is frequent person-to-person contact.

  • Coronavirus cases must be traced, tracked, and reported to regional public-health officials.

  • Nonessential travel must be restricted for employees.

  • Develop liability processes

Please note that we will have the NY Forward Safety Plan Template posted. Following the guidelines outlined above, the above Template, as well as the following checklist reflects OUR efforts here at Third Eye Wellness to ensure both client safety and the safety of our staff:


Reception Area:

  1. Because everything is new, my entire space is clean. All walls, trims, ceilings, have been washed and freshly painted, rug has been vacuumed and shampooed. Windows, have been washed with appropriate solution. All furniture including reception area, treatment room, and yoga room is brand new and has also been washed, and/or wiped down with appropriate solution. All yoga props are new and washed, all yoga blankets are new and freshly laundered.

  2. All hard, non-porous surfaces such as reception desk, computer keyboard, phones, door handles, light switches and point of sale equipment have all been cleaned and disinfected.

Treatment Rooms

  1. All electrical implements used in space services are brand new and also have been disinfected as required.

  2. All chairs and headrests are brand new and have been cleaned.

  3. All rolling carts, drawers and any containers used for storage are brand new and have been disinfected.

  4. All my wax pots are brand new with fresh wax.


  1. All surfaces have been washed and disinfected.

  2. Walls have been freshly painted.

  3. Toilet paper, paper towels are all new.

Practical Implementation

  1. Face masks will be worn by Service Provider, Admin Staff, and Clients. You may bring your own, or we will provide them at no cost.

  2. In the short term, appointments will be staggered so that we can maintain social distancing guidelines. Staggering of appointments also gives adequate time to properly clean and disinfect in between clients.

  3. We are conscious of how many people in reception area and responsible about keep those numbers to a minimum.

  4. Reception desk, door handles, phones and writing implements are disinfected at the beginning of the day and every 1-2 hours, based on traffic.

  5. We will respectfully decline providing service for any client that exhibits signs of illness.

Intelligent Hand Hygiene

  1. Washing hands with soap/water for 30 seconds before/after eating, smoking and using the restroom.

  2. Washing hands immediately before and after servicing a client (hand sanitizer where needed).

  3. Providing hand sanitizer at reception desk and all stations for service provider and client.

Intelligent Equipment Sanitation

  1. Disinfection only works on a clean items, so cleaning before disinfecting is always my first step. Methods to clean include soap/water, chemical cleaners, wipes. Disinfection procedures appropriate for each item will follow.

  2. All implements (non-porous) being used on more than 1 client, are cleaned and disinfected for the full contact time on the disinfectant label before being used.

  3. Waxing pot, cart, tools, chairs, rolling carts and any other equipment and storage containers are disinfected daily.

  4. Fresh wax sticks are used for each client’s service. There is no “double dipping” at Third Eye Wellness!

On a personal and side note, this business is a true labor of love. I have been in the service industry for over 20 years, and have run a home for 5 people for over 25 years. Cleanliness, efficiency, hospitality, and the care of others brings me joy. My Space is an extension of my home, and I treat them both with appreciation and respect. I deeply appreciate your support and loyalty and promise to do all I can to provide for your safety. Please know that you can relax and enjoy your services! I look forward to seeing all of you!



Third Eye Wellness, LLC

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