I was inspired to open Third Eye Wellness after overcoming my struggle with anxiety and depression through a commitment to radical self-care. Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression in my teens, I was on and off antidepressants for 25 years.

However, in 2009, with the help of my medical doctor and therapist, I replaced medication with cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercise, nutrition, and meditation. I now firmly believe that self-care is fundamental to healthy living. Third Eye Wellness is driven by my mission to design a space with diverse yet integrated modes of caring for the self, a place where clients can nurture their body, mind, and spirit at the same time.

Third Eye Wellness is a holistic, nurturing space offering personal care and wellness services.  Specializing in Eyebrow shaping and tinting, Body Waxing, and Yoga sessions.  We believe that the holistic value of Yoga greatly contributes to overall wellness.  Wellness is an inside job, and when you feel well on the inside, it shows on the outside.

     When a client walks out of my space, my goal is for them to feel better about themselves than they did when they walked in. And not only in terms of how they look. I consider teaching yoga and shaping eyebrows to be my life’s work. At the same time, I treat conversations with clients as a kind of soul food. Something as routine as an eyebrow appointment or a yoga class so often becomes an occasion for meaningful, instructive, and life-changing connections where I feel inspired and the client feels heard.


     I began attending Iyengar Yoga classes regularly in 2009. As my Asana Practice expanded, I saw the immense value in incorporating all eight limbs into my yoga practice. As a result, I felt the urgency to share my experience with others, earning my teaching certificate in Anusara Yoga in 2013. Knowing the link between feeling vital, self-expressive, and accepting of the body, I next began training as an Eyebrow Specialist in 2016.


With over 10,000 hours of practice, I’ve certainly perfected the skill, and the art of shaping eyebrows keeps me inspired and fulfilled. Eyebrow shaping is a non-toxic yet precise method of framing the space between them. This space is known in many cultures as the “third eye,” a source of perception beyond sight.

Yoga practice and eyebrow shaping pair excellently together because they let us engage in two essential components of healing: self-expression and intentional movement. When I shape eyebrows, I consider the specifics of your natural brow structure and the trajectories of your hair’s growth, making the final result as unique as the person you are. Similarly, in teaching yoga, I give clients my undivided attention. Whether you are new to the practice or come with many years of experience, I offer guidance as you listen to your body, anchor your awareness to the present, and extend your flexibility far beyond what you once believed possible.

At Third Eye Wellness, eyebrow shaping and yoga practice are about much more than looking good or breaking a sweat. I can’t wait to help you express yourself, move joyfully, and tap into the power of the present moment.