I envisioned opening a Wellness Space over a decade ago.  Focusing on things "Wellness," including Yoga, Waxing, and other forms of personal, self-care, Third Eye Wellness, LLC opened its doors in June of 2020.

Presently offering full body waxing, eyebrow shaping continues to be our obsession, and specialty!  I've been an Eyebrow Specialist for over 4 years.  Earning my Waxing License from Shear Ego International School in 2016, I then apprenticed under the owner and founder of Brow Diva for over 3 years, cultivating my skill.  I genuinely love doing eyebrows! I consider doing eyebrows equal parts skill and art. I have the skill down, as they say, 10,000 hours perfects any skill! And the art part keeps me ever interested and fulfilled. The eyebrows are the perfect frame for the space between them, known in many cultures as the "Third Eye". ​

A driving force behind my business model is the idea of holistic wellness and alternative medicine.  Diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression in my teens, I was on and off antidepressants for over 25 years when I decided that I no longer wanted to medicate.  With the help of my Medical Doctor and Cognitive Therapist, I decided to treat my illness with Cognitive Therapy, Exercise, Meditation, and Nutrition.  Since 2009, I have been able to effectively manage my illness without medication. 

I started attending Iyengar Yoga classes actively in 2009.  As my Asana Practice continued to grow and evolve, I began to see the greater value in all 8 Limbs of a committed Yoga Practice.  In 2012, I decided to join Midtown Athletic Club's 200 Hour Teacher Training, earning my Teaching Certificate in Anusara Yoga in 2013 under Randi Lattimore and Aimee Senise Conners.


Teaching Yoga and Eyebrow Shaping are a life's work, and client connection is my soul food.  Something as seemingly routine as an eyebrow appointment or a yoga class can lead to meaningful connections where clients feel seen and heard.  A perk of each connection is when the client walks out of my space feeling better about themselves than when they walked in.






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Thank you for being here.  Namaste.