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Come Learn "How to Yoga" at Third Eye Wellness, LLC!

Have you always wanted to practice yoga but the thought of slipping into tight leggings and walking into a class filled with strangers sends you back to your couch and your cozy sweats??  Well, leave the couch, but keep the sweats , and come learn "how to Yoga" at Third Eye Wellness!  We will break down and demystify Yoga so that you can confidently and comfortably walk into any class any where, and get your Yoga on.


At Third Eye Wellness, we teach private sessions for 1-to up to 4 people.  Price is $75 for 1 hour.    A private session or sessions,  is a great way to grow comfortable in your skin while learning the ropes of this magnificent discipline. Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher and Third Eye Wellness owner, Kimberly Schall will  design a sequence that can cater to the individual needs and ability of the class. 


We believe that even the most advanced Yoga Asana is only as good as its foundation.  We are avid alignment experts!  At Third Eye Wellness, we cater to the very basics of every Yoga Asana structure.  Class and sequencing is designed primarily for beginners, as well as those more experienced Yogis wanting to solidify, and by doing so, create even greater expansion in their current practice.  We firmly believe that the most effective, as well as most ethical, approach to this is to meticulously build each and every Asana from the ground up.

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 Yoga can, and should, be accessible to all.   An ancient discipline, this magical (and arguably holistically medical) form of movement, can help relieve chronic pain, muscle aches after exercise, or attend to and unify any generalized disconnection from your body.  When we pair Yoga Asana (the “poses'' you're familiar with) with breath and attention, we find an organic method of relieving stress, aches, and pains. Our comprehensive approach to Yoga involves stretching, strengthening, and lengthening your muscles, so that you experience a deeper sense of vigor, comfort, and immersion in your body. With kindness and acceptance, incorporating Yoga Asana can dramatically improve your quality of life no matter your age or level of experience.

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At Third Eye Wellness, Yoga is attentive and guided.  We cue you mindfully through every breath and asana, calibrating each sequence to your unique experience and capabilities.  We urge you to move at a natural pace so that you can replicate each pose with accuracy and confidence, avoiding injury, looking inward, and strengthening your connection with the present, the best source of equanimity available. 


Mindfully existing inside our bodies allows us to find relief from the tension and alienation that characterizes daily life. The reality is that obligations never end, but sacrificing self-care on the altar of ceaseless responsibility serves no one. You will be much more attentive, respectful, and patient with those you love when you devote time to intentional movement that supports your longevity. 

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