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Eyebrow shaping is an impactful tool for framing the eyes, and the face more generally. Eyebrow shaping can be subtle, giving your brows a more polished, neater look, or it can be bold, dramatically changing your appearance.  It’s a great way to externalize an internal change or simply add cohesion and a fresh and striking touch to your overall look.

In addition, our eyebrow tinting service is available to customize your eyebrow hair so that it matches your complexion and enhances your eyebrow’s shape. The tint lasts up to six weeks on the hair and up to two weeks on the skin, so you won’t need to rely on makeup to maintain the shape.  

An eyebrow wax and shape lasts between four and six weeks. To encourage the growth cycle to respond to the hair removal, I ask that you refrain from tweezing during this window. Avoiding tweezing or plucking between appointments encourages regrowth in bald or sparse areas and even stimulates the follicle to produce hair again. You can achieve dreamy, naturally elegant brows without constant plucking or toxic and painful procedures.

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