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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hello, and welcome to my blog. During this unprecedented climate of pause, let me just say from the outset that as eager as I am to begin my new venture as a business owner, I find it extremely objectionable to bang the drum for a speedy reopening in any way shape or form. So, I won’t be pushing that agenda. I will respectfully trust in the capable hands of medical professionals and our government. For this mandate isn’t about just me, and it isn’t about my business, it’s about overall community health, safety, and well-being. Am I staying informed? Yes. Am I doing research? Absolutely.

But in the meantime, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself to those who don’t know me, in hopes that you can get to know a little bit about me and why I do what I do. So here. I. am.

Third Eye Wellness focuses on eyebrow shaping, waxing, and Yoga. I have been a Yoga Teacher for over seven years, and I have been avidly practicing and perfecting my skill as an Eyebrow Sculptor for almost 4. In the early stages of planning this venture, I considered both what kind of business would I be qualified enough to open, and at the same time driven enough to run. The art of eyebrow shaping, and the discipline of Yoga Asana practice, repeatedly vied for the space! And that is what my business is; it’s a “space”—a space where sometimes the most subtle of miracles can happen.

I knew I wanted to incorporate both of my passions under one roof. The slogan was originally to be “Because doing your brows is about more than just the way you look, and because doing Yoga is about more than just the way you pose, there’s Third Eye Wellness.” I came up with it while sitting in my car in East Avenue Wegman’s parking lot. I was practicing it over and over via my phone’s video camera, trying to get the sentiment and the rhythm just right. It then evolved into “Brows and Yoga are my passions, and client connection is my soul food. Because doing both is about more than just the way you look.” Which seemed more streamlined, so I went with it. However, I often very longingly look back at that original slogan, and who knows, maybe I’ll change it back. The point is, I love teaching Yoga, and I love sculpting eyebrows! The true magic, though, is that in providing both services, beneficial shifts occur for both my client and me.

When a client makes an eyebrow appointment, they are carving out this small 15-minute block of time for themselves, because it helps them feel better about the way they look. But almost every appointment turns out to be so much more than that. The client comes to my chair, we say hello and connect as I assess their brows, and they take a breath. They are literally lying down, completely stretched out. For some of my clients, it’s the first moment they’ve had to themselves all day, perhaps the first moment they’ve been able to sit down, most likely the first time they’ve been able to stretch out on their back and relax. And then the conversation starts. If it’s a repeat client, we reconnect, and I will ask them how they’re doing. Sometimes we will pick up on a conversation from their previous visit, from often weeks, sometimes months earlier. I’ve been told that I have this uncanny ability to remember the most random details from conversations. I consider this a great compliment. If it’s a new client, I ask questions and feel out the mood. Some clients are forthcoming and generous with their chatter, and some are not. I do my best to field the energy, and I hold them in what I consider to be a sacred space. These connections are my true soul food!

Meanwhile, I get the opportunity to work artistic expression on their brows; this is a life’s work. There are times in a brow appointment when I experience such joy and alignment, that there is no doubt in my mind I am in some small way doing God’s work. I finish the brows, hand them the mirror, and most times, I’m lucky enough to watch their eyes light up as they exclaim, “what a difference this always makes! I always feel so much lighter after I get my brows done!” Then they hop up and carry on with their day. And I am so fortunate to be able to be a part of this experience.

And then there’s Yoga Asana. Yoga Asana in its purest expression, is the connection of movement and breath. In our Yoga Space, we sit on a mat, and we pause. We close our eyes and attempt to find the breath as it comes in and out of us. Through directives, we begin to add movement. The movements don’t need to be dramatic or sweeping. It’s the smallest, and most deliberate of movements that create the foundation for expansion, as all Asanas--or poses, build on the previous one. With the inhale, we add the conscious lift, and then with the exhale, we express the conscious release. It’s in moving and breathing, where we create the space and the release—the space to welcome the new and release of what no longer serves us or holds us back. If we devote even just 15 minutes a day to conscious movement and breath, we can feel a significant difference in the quality of life. If we can devote more, even better. We always feel better after practicing Yoga. We feel lighter, calmer, and yet charged at the same time.

Both a brow appointment and a Yoga session are a pause in the chaos of this existence. Both allow us the opportunity to connect to something greater within ourselves and release what no longer serves us. It is an honor and a privilege to house a business that can provide both. How could I NOT open a business like this?!

I look forward to seeing all your faces, old and new, in my brand-new space at Third Eye Wellness, LLC. But for now, we trust the process and continue the pause to ensure we are safe, and then we get the green light, and we GO! Thank you all so much for your continued support. And thank you for being here. Namaste.

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Thank you for being here.  Namaste.