Let’s Talk About Tint Baby

I wanna talk a little bit about eyebrow tint. The Eyebrow Tint that I use at

Third Eye Wellness is a vegetable-based eye-area-safe temporary tint that lasts up to 6 weeks on the hair, and up to 2 weeks on the skin. The fact that it’s formulated for the eyebrow area specifically is key because of the delicate and precious area of the eyes—we don’t want to mess around with our eye sight! Tinting It’s a wonderful, innocuous way to accentuate the eyebrow hair and skin within the eyebrow line. Many of the clients I see have an issue with sparseness; sparseness is when each individual eyebrow hair is growing far apart from each other, giving the look of bald spots within the brow line. Think Brook Shields Brows circa 1980 (google her young ones!) Her hairs were/are not sparse! They grow close together and give her the look of the brow that she‘s made famous. What Eyebrow Tint CAN do is create the look of more hair by camouflaging the skin with color. So, of course, the tint has to be customized to the color of the hair because we want this color to blend indecipherably with the brow hair that is there.

This weekend I did my own brows.. I sculpted them using a wonderful new version of wax that is even gentler than the wax I normally use. I’ve had clients describe the process of removing hair with this wax as “absolutely painless”! Good stuff. Anyhow, after I waxed and shaped my brows, I decided to tint them. So I mixed up a darker color because my brow hair is dark #1, and also, I wanted to match the darkest color of the hair growing in on my head because I like the impact that it makes. But the thing is, is this kind of matching is really an art form! The customization of the tint color has to be just so…. We don’t want to necessarily be the person who walks into the room and the eyebrows are the first thing we see! We want to be the whole package! With the right color formulation, we can actually make our brows look fuller, and still natural. This in turn creates a lift, and a richness to the eye and the eye color. It’s truly an amazing way to add some oomph! As you can see in the pic, my brows actually look fuller, AFTER they’ve been waxed and shaped, AFTER I’ve removed hair! Read that again. My eyes look lifted, my eye color seems richer. In the pic I have not a stitch of makeup on my eyes, brows, or anywhere on my face!

Tinting It’s a 15-minute process added on to the sculpting appointment, so it’s zip zip! And another great thing about eyebrow tinting (as if we need to be MORE convinced) is that for the most part, you don’t need to bother with eyebrow makeup for a bit.You wake up in the morning and you have eyebrows! Imagine that!

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