Doing Your Brows is About More Than Just The Way You Look

Updated: Jan 18

When I first started doing eyebrows, my obsession was on perfecting each and every pair. I wanted to create perfect, clean, symmetrical lines. In the early days, I would take upwards of 45 minutes on a client, and still feel like there was more that I could do! Oh my goodness, some of the clients in those early days were WAY WAY PATIENT with me. And then adding my genuine love for people, I would get attached to each client and their story. There were times when I felt such an immediate connection with a first-time client, we would hug and exchange numbers after the appointment. The priority for them I’m sure on the surface was, to pop in and get their brows done. But many many times the appointment always turned in to so much more. Also, in those early days, me, and my obsessive ways, would feel as though the eyebrows weren‘t “done” to my expectation and I would OBSESS for hours, (if not admittedly days) after seeing the client!

Flash forward about 5 years. I own my own Eyebrow Space. It simply astounds me. So much has evolved, changed, improved. Yesterday was my busiest day yet. I was completely booked for the entire day. It was magical, and flowy. Many of the clients that I saw yesterday were ones from my early days when I was just learning my skill, and some were new ones that have recently found me. The beauty of this profession for me, is that as my client base grows, my love and passion for the two pillars of it remains the same: artistically perfecting brows and client connection. The times in my space where I am maybe “stuck” on a set of brows, I pause, step back, assess the shape, see the “fix” and proceed, all the while, the client and I are talking about everything from COVID to the Buffalo Bills. Time is frozen, and I am still, after almost 5 years in this profession, deeply in LOVE with what I do. And for this, I breathe in gratitude and awe.

Yesterday I had a new client, we’ll call her Kelly who came in with her mom who is a client already. Kelly didn’t speak to me at first, and kept her head down. Her mom did all the talking; she wanted her daughters eyebrows done. It was the first time Kelly ever had them done, she was not receptive to me, and I could tell that the appointment was much more her mother’s idea than hers. I took her before pic, she wouldn’t look at the camera at first! So this opportunity was one for me to pause and try to reassure this young client, as well as artistically survey her brows. She politely answered a question or two, but was mostly silent and let her mom speak for her. Mind you, at this point she has made no eye contact with me. As I worked on her brows, I held her in the sacred space that I hold for each client I see. I still tear up with gratitude and awe as I write this because that space remains sacred even after all this time, and doing probably thousands of brows! I just love it! At the end of the appointment, I handed her the mirror and I literally felt her energy shift, as she sat up in the chair and exclaimed, “OH! They’re beautiful! I love them!” I cannot convey both the relief and the joy I feel each time this happens in an appointment.

Earlier in the week I had another first time client. She is hearing impaired and because of masks, we didn’t have the opportunity for lip reading. So all commication was done via typing. She found me online and wanted a shape and a tint. Pause and patience were kept in that appointment. And with a lot of back and forth, we overcame the language barrier. Another happy client, thus another happy Kimmy! I’ve included both before and after pics from each of these clients.

”Doing your brows is about more than just the way you look”. I developed that slogan years ago, and it is more true today than ever. As my business continues to grow, I continue to gush gratitude for each and every one of you. We’re in this together. Thank you for being here. Namaste.

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Thank you for being here.  Namaste.