Brow Makeup: it is the accent, it’s not the substance.

Good evening friends! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about brow fill in! During this tumultuous time, many of you are still anxious about getting your brows done. Honoring that and holding you all in a sacred space of acceptance and support, I understand that you still want a defined and shapely brow. Even though brow maintenance and shaping clearly enhances and helps this process, we can still create a defined and clean look with the help of a little makeup. Here’s a tutorial outlining the basics of brow fill in using a great pencil that I have available at Third Eye Wellness.

Brow makeup should appear completely innocuous, and you should be the only one who knows you’re wearing any! In this particular tutorial, what is interesting to me is the before “still” of my right brow... The top of my inner right brow is sparse with hair, and the hair is lighter compared to the rest of the brow. It throws the brow shape off and makes it look rounder and less elegant than the left brow. With a little help of some brow color, I can even out the top and make it look more symmetrical with my left brow (my fave brow).

We are not symmetrical. We are imperfectly perfect. Makeup is enhancing and fun, but I don’t want to need it to feel worthy or complete. It’s just fun, and I want to stress this. This is where brow care becomes more than skin deep. It’s a way to play with the components of our physical selves that we’ve been gifted by God. A way to caretake for them and see what our creative self is capable of.

What I like most about my approach to makeup is that, we should not feel ashamed to reveal what lies underneath the makeup. Starting with a clean, fresh, canvas, we can feel free to play and create and express. But the appreciation of the canvas, our skin, is what really makes us beautiful! I have seen it time and time again. If we don’t have the confidence of our own worthiness, no amount of makeup-no matter how much we pay for it will do us justice. Great makeup is only as effective as our own skin care. The true appreciation for the skin we’re in, the skin we were born in, the skin God gave us.

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